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Major achievements of CNPC overseas oil and gas exploration during the 13th Five-Year Plan and its prospects
Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, the oil price has continuously remained low and the global investment environment has become increasingly complicated. How to adapt to the complicated internal and external environments as soon as possible, and to achieve accurate deployment and benefit exploration is a major issue faced by CNPC overseas oil and gas exploration. . .
China Petroleum Exploration, 2020 Vol. 25 (4): 1-10    DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.04.001
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>>New discovery in the exploration of the Cambrian–Ordovician dolomite buried hills in Tarim Basin and its significance PDF (19023KB)
>>Main factors controlling the enrichment of shale gas in the Wufeng Formation–Longmaxi Formation in the Jiaoshiba area, Fuling shale gas field PDF (8096KB)
>>Characteristics and origin of the Lower Cretaceous dolomitic tight oil reservoir in the Erenaor sag, Erlian Basin PDF (11521KB)
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    Overall blueprint of information construction of PetroChina upstream business
    Du Jinhu, Shi Fugeng, Yang Jianfeng, Zhang Zhonghong, Ding Jianyu, Long Tao
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 1-8.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.001
    Abstract ( 169 HTML  ( )  
    In order to meet the development requirements of PetroChina upstream business in the digital intelligent age, PetroChina Exploration & Production Company has carried out the top-level design of upstream business information construction. This paper analyzes the current development situation of information construction of PetroChina upstream business, the international information development trend and the upstream business development on the need for information technology. Guided by the development vision in the future, and with building an intelligent oil and gas fi elds as the overall goal, eight expected targets are put forward: intelligent data eco-environment, fi rst- class intelligent platform, intelligent collaboration of comprehensive research, intelligent optimization of program decision-making, intelligent control of production process, intelligent command of production and operation, lean and efficient operating management and intelligent control of safety and environmental protection. This paper also describes the overall architecture of upstream business informatization, including business architecture, data architecture, technical architecture, application architecture, network security architecture, as well as the corresponding work priorities and supporting measures, etc., and depicts the blueprint of information construction of PetroChina upstream business.
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    Application of E&P Dream Cloud in oil and gas lean production management
    Shi Fugeng, Wang Hongliang, Sun Yao, Chen Xinyan
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 9-14.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.002
    Abstract ( 35 HTML  ( )  
    E&P Dream Cloud platform is an information sharing platform for upstream business of PetroChina. As one of the core applications of unifi ed construction projects of upstream information construction, Oil-Gas-Water Well Production Data Management System (A2 system) has been widely used. But there are many deficiencies in the efficiency of massive data query and retrieval, and the application of data comprehensive analysis. Based on the openness and scalability of E&P Dream Cloud platform, A2 system is upgraded and transformed into the cloud system to realize the integrated collaborative management of collection, processing, statistics, storage, reporting and publishing of production data of all oil, gas and water wells. On this basis, with the goal of oil and gas lean production management, data management tracking and evaluation standards have been established, and application research work have been carried out, such as production data tracking and evaluation, productivity construction evaluation, analysis of stripper wells and long-term shutdown wells, so as to provide data support for strategic planning researches.
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    Construction and application of oil and gas reservoir collaborative research environment based on E&P Dream Cloud
    Shi Yujiang, Wang Juan, Wei Hongfang, Yang Zhuo, Wang Hongwei, Yao Weihua
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 15-22.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.003
    Abstract ( 37 HTML  ( )  
    Research on oil and gas reservoir involves multi-disciplinary and multi-type data as well as multi-professional research results. Multi-disciplinary integrated and collaborative research has become an inevitable trend. In order to provide researchers with an integrated, collaborative and shared working environment for oil and gas reservoir research, based on the E&P Dream Cloud platform and basin-level regional Data Lake construction, a project studio for different research objectives has been constructed including data organization and fast query, integrated application of professional software, online auxiliary analysis tools and whole process management of oil and gas reservoir research projects. The results have been applied to the research and management of risk exploration projects in the Ordos Basin. The construction of collaborative research environment based on Dream Cloud realizes the effective sharing and collaborative work of data, software and achievements in oil and gas reservoir researches, comprehensively supports the exploration and development business of oil and gas fi elds, and greatly improves the quality and effi ciency of scientifi c research work.
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    Sedimentary characteristics and exploration signifi cance of sub-lacustrine fan of highstand system tract in the fi rst member of Liushagang Formation in the Weixinan Sag
    Hu Desheng, Fan Caiwei, Zhu Hongtao, Liu Sheng, Gong Liyuan
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 23-31.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.004
    Abstract ( 28 HTML  ( )  
    The sub-lacustrine fan of highstand system tract in the fi rst member of the Liushagang Formation (hereinafter referred to as Liu-1 member) in B sub sag of the Weixinan Sag is an important fi eld for lithologic reservoir exploration. However, the characteristics, classifi cation, distribution, genetic mechanism, and development pattern of sub-lacustrine fan are not well understood, which restricts the exploration process and effectiveness. Based on data from drilling, core, well logging, laboratory analysis and 3D seismic data, the sub-lacustrine fans of highstand system tract in the Liu-1 member in B sub- sag have been systematically described. The results show that: (1) The sub-lacustrine fans of highstand system tracts in the Liu-1 member in B sub-sag can be divided into two major types and four sub-types, which are mass fl ow sub-lacustrine fans in early highstand stage (which can be further divided into incised channel center type and incised channel fl ank type) and debris fl ow sub-lacustrine fans in late highstand stage (which can also be further divided into non-channelized sand-rich type and non-channelized mud-rich type). (2) All kinds of sub-lacustrine fans have different characteristics in lithology and on well logging and seismic data. (3) There are two development models jointly controlled by lake level change, sediment source system and transport routes. The fi rst depositional model is meandering river delta - sedimentary fl exure slope break - mud-rich sub-lacustrine fan with west axial sediment source. The second depositional model is fan delta - fault transition slope break - sand-rich sub-lacustrine fan with northwest sediment source. (4) The sub-lacustrine fan sand bodies of the incised channel center mass fl ow type and the non-channelized sand-rich debris fl ow type, supplied by the northwest fan delta sediments, have shallow-buried depth and good reservoir properties, and form a hydrocarbon accumulation assemblage of self-generating, self-storage and self-sealing with the lacustrine mudstones in the Liu-1 member, which has great exploration potential.
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    Geological characteristics of continental shale gas reservoir in the Jurassic Da’anzhai member in the northeastern Sichuan Basin
    Zhou Dehua, Sun Chuanxiang, Liu Zhongbao, Nie Haikuan
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 32-42.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.005
    Abstract ( 28 HTML  ( )  
    In order to investigate the geological characteristics and exploration and development potential of continental shale gas reservoir, the Da’anzhai member of the Jurassic Ziliujing Formation in the Yuanba and Fuling areas in the northeastern Sichuan Basin is taken as an example. By means of core observation, thin section identifi cation, X-ray diffraction, organic carbon content analysis, Scanning Electron Microscope, high-pressure mercury injection and nitrogen adsorption, the geological characteristics of continental shale gas reservoir have been studied, such as sedimentary environment and lithology, organic geochemical characteristics, reservoir space and gas-bearing property, mineral composition and fl uid properties. The results show that organic-rich shales in shallow to semi-deep lacustrine facies are developed in the Da’anzhai member. The lithology is mainly shale intercalated with banded or laminated sandstones and shell limestones. The organic matter type is Type Ⅱ2 or type Ⅲ . TOC is 0.33%-3.78%. Ro is 1.11%-1.82%, indicating mature to high mature stage. The reservoir space in the shale is mainly mineral pores. The porosity ranges from 1.5% to 6.7%, with micro-pores less than 2nm and medium pores of 2-50nm as the most prevalent. The gas-bearing property is good (with average gas content of 1.49 m3/t). The shale has good fracability and the average content of brittle minerals is 51%. A total of 12 wells have obtained high-production oil and gas fl ows, showing good exploration and development potential. Based on the comparative study on the differences between the characteristics of continental shale and marine shale, it has been further clarifi ed that the favorable sedimentary facies is an important basis for the enrichment and high- production of continental shale gas in the Da’anzhai member in the northeastern Sichuan Basin. Also, hydrocarbon accumulation is controlled by rock association and lithologic composition, organic carbon content, physical properties, fl uid pressure and development degree of micro fractures. These understandings provide reference for the selection of the most favorable exploration and development target formation of Jurassic continental shale gas in the Sichuan Basin.
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    Application and practice of integrated seismic data processing and interpretation driven by E&P Dream Cloud
    Song Linwei, Wang Xiaoshan, Xu Haitao, Wang Yizhong, Wang Kai
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 43-49.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.006
    Abstract ( 19 HTML  ( )  
    E&P Dream Cloud of PetroChina has established a unified Data Lake, a unified technology platform and a general application environment, and has built a cloud-native exploration research environment, which have been comprehensively promoted and applied in the professional geophysical companies for oil and gas exploration in China. The core for improvement of efficiency and achievement quality in geophysical exploration is to solve the problems of integration of acquisition, processing and interpretation, integration of front and rear, and integration of project company and contractors. Relying on the E&P Dream Cloud Data Lake resources of the oil and gas fi eld companies and the customizable development capacity of the Dream Cloud platform, this paper studied and explored the characteristic mode of integration of seismic data processing and interpretation, and constructed the work and research environment of integration of front and rear, as well as integration of project company and contractors. This research promotes the revolution of traditional seismic data processing and interpretation, builds the project scene of seismic processing and interpretation integration, gives full play to the advantages of “super project organization”, realizes the integration of project company and contractors through whole process of seismic processing and interpretation, achieves the effi cient collaboration and software resource sharing between the front and the rear, and provides effective support for the promotion of the core competitiveness of enterprises.
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    Application and prospect of collaborative research on E&P Dream Cloud in Tarim Oilfi eld
    Luo Caiming, Tang Yangang, Qu Yang, Zeng Changmin, Wang Zuotao, Lou Hong, Feng Lei
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 50-55.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.007
    Abstract ( 20 HTML  ( )  
    Under the circumstance that the state government requires to accelerate the information construction, PetroChina puts forward the development strategy of “sharing PetroChina”. Since the launches of E&P Dream Cloud, information constructions in oilfields have developed rapidly. In order to improve the effi ciency and management of collaborative research, focusing on the upstream business of petroleum exploration, in accordance with the requirements of unifi ed technology platform and unifi ed database, the Tarim Oilfi eld Company has completed the regional Data Lake construction of the oilfi eld, established the collaborative research environment for risk exploration, and achieved the collaborative management of exploration, development, operation and production on the basis of E&P Dream Cloud platform. Combined with the characteristics of oil and gas exploration in the Tarim Basin, the trap management module was developed to realize online report of traps, fast query of achievements, online browsing, and three-level management and review. Based on the successful application in the early stage, from six aspects, namely, real-time control of production performance, whole life cycle management of project, all-round data tracking and query, intelligent identifi cation of research object, modular integration of business application and integrated display of multi-disciplinary achievements, this paper puts forward ideas and specifi c suggestions for the future development of E&P Dream Cloud.
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    Application of E&P Dream Cloud collaborative research environment in risk exploration in the Sichuan Basin
    Zhang Fuli, Luo Tao, Wang Fuyong, Zhang Huayi, Zhang Enli, Qiu Yuchao, Chen Keyu, Xiang Yonghui, Wu Yong, Zhou Yan, Wang Lin, Zhong Xugeng
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 56-63.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.008
    Abstract ( 23 HTML  ( )  
    The construction of E&P Dream Cloud platform focuses on the unified database, unified technology platform and general applications. Firstly, it has completed the theme applications, such as the collaborative research work environment for exploration business and well deployment demonstration and decision-making, and set up a demonstration application environment for cloud applications of collaborative research projects of regional companies. Based on the research requirements of risk exploration in the Sichuan Basin, and combined with the capability of E&P Dream Cloud platform, PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company (hereinafter referred to as Southwest Oil & Gasfi eld Company) has carried out in-depth research work of risk exploration in the Sichuan Basin from multiple aspects on the E&P Dream Cloud platform, such as data organization and management, regional geological settings overview and researches on structure, sedimentary pattern, source rock conditions, favorable play and prospect, and well location design and deployment, etc. The collaborative research environment of “platform + project + business” has been established, and a new mode of scientifi c research and implementation of well deployment in risk exploration based on E&P Dream Cloud has been set up, which effectively supported the research and decision-making of risk exploration in the Sichuan Basin, and achieved good application effect.
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    Application of E&P Dream Cloud platform in fi ne exploration in mature area of the Qikou sag
    Shi Qianru, Han Guomeng, Dong Yueqi, Hu Jinnan, Fan Dejun, Tang Lulu, Si Weiliu, Ren Shichao, Hou Lu
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 64-70.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.009
    Abstract ( 17 HTML  ( )  
    Dagang Oilfi eld has entered the middle and late stage of exploration and development. The research work is facing problems of huge project data collation, various application software, and difficulty of sharing each independent achievement . A unified platform is urgently needed to solve the disordered state in the progress of research project, task allocation, and results fi ling, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of scientific research. The software cloud integration based on E&P Dream Cloud platform integrates professional software and common tools such as GeoEast, GeoMap, Resform, Forward and wellbore integration tools. It sets up the research environment of business scenarios such as seismic interpretation of structures, research on characteristics of sand body distribution, prediction of reservoir lateral distribution, research on hydrocarbon accumulation, well logging evaluation, oil and gas bearing property evaluation, etc. It realizes the timely and accurate transmission of professional data and production data to the Data Lake, as well as the whole process operation and management of the projects, and quality control and sharing application of the achievements. The online collaborative research work have been carried out, including seismic structure interpretation and analysis, characteristics analysis of sedimentary reservoir and sand body distribution, and controlling factors analysis of hydrocarbon accumulation, which supported the transformation from traditional “structural oil exploration” to “lithologic oil exploration in main sand body belt” in the study area. The application effect is remarkable, which plays an important demonstration role in the promotion and application of E&P Dream Cloud platform.
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    Architecture design and implementation of E&P Dream Cloud platform
    Ma Tao, Zhang Zhonghong, Wang Tiecheng, Ding Jianyu, Huang Zhaoyue, Xiang Jian, Xin Qi, Wang Jianyu, Zhu Mingxin
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 71-81.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.010
    Abstract ( 32 HTML  ( )  
    The petroleum industry has entered a new stage of high-speed development of digital and intelligent. With the urgent requirement of digital and intelligent development, how to achieve digitalization and intellectualization? This has become an important topic for the upstream oil and gas enterprises to study and explore. Infl uenced by the latest development trend of global information technologies and inspired by international best practice cases, PetroChina's upstream business segment has formulated the blueprint planning for the platform construction of upstream business information and application sharing, and organized the construction of E&P Dream Cloud platform. E&P Dream Cloud platform has adopted the cloud computing and microservice architecture design, merged the enterprise data governance concept and technology system, integrated big data, artifi cial intelligence and other advanced technologies. As a result, it has constructed the "platform + capability + application" ecology of Dream Cloud and established the open and sharing environment of "data + technology + application" for upstream business. It has initially formed the intelligence sharing capability of upstream business, providing agile digital and intelligent services for upstream business applications. This cloud platform and its application use Devops, agile development and other technologies to achieve efficient integrated development, which support the upstream business data interconnection, technology interoperability and business collaboration. As an intelligent sharing platform for PetroChina's upstream business, E&P Dream Cloud platform has explored a sustainable development road for the implementation of "sharing PetroChina" strategy and support for the digital transformation and intelligent development of upstream business.
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    Research on construction of Data Interlinked Lakes of E&P Dream Cloud
    Yang Yong, Huang Wenjun, Wang Tiecheng, Wang Hua, Meng Lingpei, Tan Leijun, Liang Xiao
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 82-88.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.011
    Abstract ( 17 HTML  ( )  
    The informatization construction of CNPC has been continuously developed for more than 30 years, and has gone through three stages: decentralized construction, centralized construction, and integrated application. Now it is moving forward to a new stage of collaboration and sharing, so as to establish “sharing CNPC”. In order to meet the requirements of digital transformation and development, in response to the “three-multiple” issues of multiple platforms, multiple databases and multiple isolated applications of CNPC’s upstream business, and combined with the actual business needs and the development trend of information technologies, CNPC has systematically studied the data resource system of the upstream business, deeply analyzed the data aggregation, storage and application, and researched to develop the E&P Dream Cloud and Data Lake technologies. Based on the unifi ed Data Lake of Dream Cloud v1.0, CNPC has put forward the design and construction scheme of Data Interlinked Lakes, with group-level main lake and the oil and gas fi eld company-level regional lakes, which are logically unifi ed and interconnected. Through the pilot verifi cation, the expected results have been achieved, which provides strong support for the construction of data eco-environment of Dream Cloud v2.0.
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    Research and practice on artifi cial intelligence seismic interpretation mode based on E&P Dream Cloud
    Yang Ping, Zhan Shifan, Li Ming, Li Lei, Guo Rui, Shang Minqiang, Tao Chunfeng
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 89-96.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.012
    Abstract ( 22 HTML  ( )  
    In order to explore the combination of cloud computing and artifi cial intelligence technology in seismic data interpretation, and to give play to their collaborative advantages, on the basis of the R&D practice of deep-learning seismic interpretation software, a new seismic data interpretation mode based on E&P Dream Cloud and deep learning method has been proposed, which includes: (1) Data Lake and Computing Center of E&P Dream Cloud provide a large number of high-quality label data and high elastic computing platform for the deep learning algorithm. (2) Deep-learning technology and traditional geophysical methods complement each other to establish a new process for seismic and geological interpretation. (3) The application of deep-learning module on the E&P Dream Cloud platform directly provides effective information support of seismic achievements for business decision-making on E&P Dream Cloud platform. This mode can save a large number of manual operations and achieve higher prediction accuracy, thus laying a solid foundation for high-effi ciency and high-precision oil and gas exploration. After real data practice, encouraging results have been achieved.
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    Application research on intelligent logging interpretation based on E&P Dream Cloud
    Zhao Lisha, Shi Yongbin, Jin Wei, Li Hua, Ta Siken
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 97-103.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.013
    Abstract ( 28 HTML  ( )  
    Up to now, geophysical logging is still the most important technical means to identify the physical properties of subsurface strata and whether they are hydrocarbon-bearing. Using the technology of big data and artifi cial intelligence, based on Dream Cloud intelligent data analysis platform, this paper develops the intelligent well logging interpretation. On the basis of data collection and splicing, features of log data are extracted. Combined with expert knowledges and experiences, models are established, machine learning and model training are carried out, and model testing and iteration are completed. The intelligent logging interpretation technology is verifi ed by sandstone and mudstone identification (cut-off value is 0.4 based on 60 wells) and oil and water layer identification (cut-off value is 0.5 based on 47 wells). The interpretation results show that, it takes about 2-4 hours to distinguish sandstone and mudstone. The accuracy rate of mudstone and sandstone identifi cation is 94% and 90% respectively, and the comprehensive accuracy rate is 92%. And It takes about 4-6 hours to distinguish oil layer and water layer. The accuracy rate of oil layer and water layer identifi cation is 93% and 70% respectively, and the comprehensive accuracy rate is 86%. This technology can effectively improve the automation degree and result coincidence rate of multi-well logging interpretation. The application of big data analysis technology brings new motive force and good prospects for the development of traditional well logging interpretation technology.
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    Research on construction of E&P Dream Cloud App store
    Wei Chunliu, Zhao Qiusheng, Wang Wei, Yang Maozhi, Wang Qianwen
    China Petroleum Exploration. 2020, 25 (5): 104-110.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7703.2020.05.014
    Abstract ( 12 HTML  ( )  
    At present, Internet technology has come to its heyday and entered the era of "Internet plus". Cloud services and cloud applications promote the rapid development of informatization in all industries. Petroleum industry and other traditional energy industries have carried out information construction as well. How to achieve the cloudifi cation and rapid promotion of professional software and applications in petroleum industry, and how to rapidly search for the required professional software for petroleum research and other technology for information construction such as big data, artifi cial intelligence, etc., are major challenges at present. Dream Cloud App Store solves this problem well and fi lls in the vacancy of application sharing platform. The App Store gathers professional petroleum software, artifi cial intelligence, and big data technology. Based on the Dream Cloud, relying on the Data Lake and PaaS platform, the App Store provides an end-to-end utilization interaction (UI) platform for petroleum industry, effectively supports the application sharing construction in the oil and gas industry, accelerates the rapid informatization in petroleum industry, and promotes the implementation of the opening, collaboration, sharing and intelligent eco- environment of upstream business.
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